Monday, June 12, 2017

Week #52 June 5 2017

Hola! This week was another great week here in Lancaster PA! We are teaching like crazy up here! This week we had a pretty normal week, but it was very full. I think the interesting thing was the way that it was made busy this week. I have a hard time finding what to write because I have seen a lot of different things happen, and it is quite hard to figure out which happened this week and which did not. I will say that I wake up a lot happier if I get a slight bit extra sleep. This week we had a nice wide spectrum of just about everybody. We had people that were very awesome and excited to learn, we had those who did not want to listen to us at all, We had those who wanted to listen to us but didn't hear anything we said as we later passed and he was drinking and said today I do bad... We had those that we taught they smiled, but understood nothing. Then there were those nice tender moments of miracle where they said "I finally have the tools in my hands to follow God" It was definitely fun. Some highlights were the fact that Hno. Guerrero decided to invite all of his friends to hear the gospel. He wants the branch to be strong, and he wants to be able to say at the end that he did his part to give them the opportunity to hear.Because of that our week was full of him sharing his testimony with his friends and it was a beautiful thing. I feel like the real joy in sharing the gospel comes from doing it with those that you love the most. That was really the coolest thing this week. I just can't help thinking of all my friends and imagining what would happen if I did share the gospel with them? Don't I love them? And if they love me yet still don't want the message, then won't they respect that as well? I can't think of anything happier then inviting someone that you love, a friend, a family member, to enjoy what makes you truly happy. I just feel like I want to share with everybody, especially all of those that I know whom I am friends with. All in all, I feel the need to share and do what I can to bring this joy to the lives of others!

Elder Haynie

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