Monday, June 19, 2017

Week #54 June 19 2017

Hola Todos!

We had transfers this week and.............! I am staying! Elder Patience is also staying! This week we had a really rough week. I will admit, it really was a great week, but some things felt like there was opposition in all the world. Monday we actually had a pretty great day, though all the plans we had fell through except for the last part in the which after some patience, we were able to teach Frank(He is hispanic) and his two sons. It was actually a pretty awesome lesson about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It felt very naturally to teach in that setting for some reason. Tuesday, we met with a man named Guido who was stoked to learn and have a discussion about the Restoration, but, he had not read like he said and was very adamant that he read before so that he would be prepared. That was fine by us and very cool! We had an awesome mission conference with Elder Brent Neilson. Some cool thoughts were that Elder Bednar and Elder Oaks both wake up 4:30, Exercise and then study the scriptures. That is pretty impressive. As well, I also learned many other important things that pertain mainly to the missionary work. Then came Saturday, We had an awesome lunch with a member, but we had many appointments and they all fell through. Then, we had issues for setting up the branch activity afterwards, as well as other people going to the hospital all of the sudden. All in all, it felt like the world fell down on us. The good thing though was that we did have a successful baptismal interview. The activity turned out pretty well. Then came Sunday. Our investigator to be baptized next week was not at church because someone else went to the hospital as well. Then, we got cool ties for Father's day! We drove to York for dinner with our Branch President. We came back and then had a super awesome miracle! We were trying to find a referral and we get there after driving 45 minutes and the address doesn't exist, as well as we are in the middle of the country with no Hispanics in sight. We knock some doors and have no success. We go back to the car and find out that we needed a space in the street name and made way more sense. We decided though that we had to be there for a reason so we decided to knock one final door. We drive to it, and as we pull up, there is a car sitting in front of us who turns on and starts moving. That was really freaky and startling. It turns out there is a young lady that was looking for a job at the place we had decided to knock, and they thought we were the owners pulling in because they weren't home. We were able to share the message of the Restoration briefly with her and she was very excited to learn more. It was neat to see how we were guided exactly to the right place at the right time to find this child of God. Especially in an area (it was a referral for the English Sisters) that has not been able to find anybody in a while. Long story short, it was a long week, but we were very blessed. I am grateful for all the love and prayers!

Elder Haynie
$4 shoes that are like new!

Pants from my companion!

The best ribs in the world!

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