Monday, January 2, 2017

Week #30 January 2 2017

Hola Todos!

You shall all be happy to know that I get to stay another Transfer in this beautiful place called Frederick Maryland! This will make by the end of it a week from 7 months just in Frederick! I am super excited because miracles are happening here!

This week was super exciting and full of adventure. We started off well by being able to visit Hector on Monday after Christmas. We were super sad to find out that he had drank over the holidays, but told him we loved him and would keep working with him. He had a bunch of family over that he hadn't seen in a while and they were all drunk except for him. It turn out that he did not drink instead he had his soda! This was awesome for him! We met with him on Tuesday and shared about Temples and the blessings that come by living worthily to go into them! Wednesday, we had Exchanges and Elder Jun had an English companion for a day in a Spanish area. This is always super tough because your companion can't really help for anything. He did great and was able to meet with a newish family we are teaching. I was super proud of him! Personally, Wednesday just made me sore as we walked about 15 miles. Thursday we exchanged back after some crazy things happened. We couldn't visit anybody sadly, but we did have an adventure with a ghetto food truck! The food was really good, but the man sounded like a mixture between British and New York accent while at the same time having a thick Spanish mix being from Venezuela. Friday we had more exchanges and I got to lead the area. We were able to have an awesome lesson with Hector and another lady that lives in the house named Patricia.(Not related, or living together, Spanish people just are packed into houses with tons of people.) Hno. Ventura was with us and we were able to talk about how to put God first and everything else will work out. Also that day, we met this man who actually called us over. He was a Methodist that just wanted to talk. It was pretty cool because normally these type of people just try to prove everything wrong and it just makes a mess, but this man actually was curious and shared some pretty cool things with us. I think he is being prepared by the Lord because he has questions that we were able to answer that no other religions have answers to. It was way cool! Saturday was a little of a special day, but we ended up watching Legacy and eating dinner at Hno Ventura's house. It is amazing what the Lord points out to people when they feel the Spirit. Sunday, we had the way cool opportunity to be a part of a baptism. This was a little bit of a special case because it was of an excommunicated member who had repented and was now able to receive these blessings again. This has been a long wait for him, many years, and it was so awesome to see how the Atonement really does heal all hurt and pain. It was really unique because our branch just treated it like a normal convert baptism and everybody was super supportive. The love that was shown was incredible!

All in all, the work is really going forward. I can feel the Lord guiding our every action.

Elder Haynie

Inline image 7
This is by the Food Truck!

Inline image 6
This was a Giant Hughie bow!

Inline image 5Inline image 4
These are waffles without a waffle iron! Still taste great!

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What happens when I teach my companion how to fold these things...