Monday, June 12, 2017

Week #53 June 12 2017

Hola Todos!

This week was sort of crazy! We started of the week strong, then went straight into district meeting on Tuesday followed by an exchange with the Zone Leaders. I went into Lititz for the day and my companion stayed in our area. (The secret is that I really never left my area because Spanish speaking missionaries cover everywhere!) we had a really good exchange and I learned lots! We taught two different people named Tim, one that I had found the last transfer while on an exchange. It was interesting to see how much he had progressed since the last time that I had visited with them. Sometimes when we teach, we really have to slow things down for people to be able to understand what the message is, and other people are a lot more able to comprehend what we are saying. A lot of it has to do with their desire and willingness to listen. Some people are brick walls while others thirst for what we have to share. Earlier on that exchange, we taught the other Tim, and it was interesting to see how much different he was to teach. This Tim was a history professor who had gone through a stroke. He knew his stuff for sure, but also was humbled to be able to listen. At first, we just answered questions, but as the lesson began, then questions slowed and he was able to follow surprisingly well. It was neat to see really when the Spirit hit him because the questions, these were sort of aggressive type questions, stopped and he seemed stunned in a way. I think it is interesting how key the Spirit really is to everything that we do as missionaries. We really are just crazy young people without it. The rest of the week was pretty interesting. We had a few days where we did all we could, we followed and adjusted our plans, and still nothing. But it is cool to note that we were still able to exceed the standard of excellence and have great success. All in all, the work goes on and I am grateful to be here.

Elder Haynie

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