Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Week #51 May 29 2017

Hola Todos!

This week was the bomb! We worked super hard, and had miracles. I don't know why, but we were blessed abundantly. We had a very interesting week with district meeting, a special exchange, correlation, and finding tons of people this week. Basically the takeaways are: Seek the Spirit and follow the impressions. It is that simple and it works like a charm! the reason for the special exchange was for training purposes with some of the best missionaries in the mission. They came to train us for leadership because most of the leadership in the mission will be leaving in the next 2 transfers. On top of that, there is a lack of seeking of the Spirit in the mission. It seems that most of the missionaries are settling with what has already been done and are not seeking the Spirit for direction in how to approach the new pace of the mission. the big focus of late then has been to receive revelation, to teach the doctrine and help others to seek their personal guidance from the Spirit. Here is an example from the week. We are building the kingdom here! We have so many new and solid people that I don't know what to do with all of them! Yordy is super solid and will open up his family to finally being baptized. Giovani is very stoked for baptism and is ready to learn. Manuel is a little tougher, but he has high desire. If we have to move his date, hopefully it will cause the rest of his family to come around. We had a super awesome experience this week! Well, really the whole week was cool. We just were teaching like crazy and had an awesome exchange with the special assignment missionaries. Then we had a super awesome miracle after church. We had a fun branch activity with our investigators and then were heading to an appointment with a man some other missionaries said to stop by. We had tried by, but nobody was there until sometime last week his wife opened the door and told us a time to stop by. This was the appointment on Sunday. We get there and... nobody answers. So we move on to our back-up plan and go find the apartment of a less-active in the area. We then both decide to go stop by one of our investigators that we hadn't planned on seeing today that missed out on church. We pass by and there are a ton of people on the porch and we somehow manage to get in to the kitchen where our investigator is. She had been taught years ago by missionaries in Puerto Rico, and had loved it! We get in and she is cooking and it is a pain to do anything, but we get everything going. So, the main people that participated were her son and daughter(30's and 40's or something like that), her sister (who mostly listened and nodded, but didn't want to do anything because she already had her religion) and herself. We manage to teach and sort of shout teach just to be heard through the first parts, but they all were loving it. We get to the first vision and it is like Jesus calmed the sea. It was beautiful. Afterward, we invited them to be baptized and if they would like very soon with our other investigators on the 24 of June. They were all on-board! They seemed pretty excited about the prophets still talking with God bit and so we shall see what happens. The cool thing about all of this is that the son, Hector, is the referral guy that missed out on his appointment! I guess the Lord knows how to find people. Overall, that just was the cherry on top for finding this week.
I am very happy with my mission and know that it really is not mine. All I am doing really is doing my best to be obedient in all things, to seek and then follow the Spirit. I can't do anything unless I have the Spirit in this work because it is not mine. All in all, a great week!

Elder Haynie

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