Monday, May 15, 2017

Week #49 May 15 2017

Hola Todos!

This week was pretty great, though I am not sure what to write about being as that I said pretty much everything yesterday getting to talk to my parents. I suppose that is because the work goes on and doesn't stop. we welcomed some new people to our District this week as transfers were this past Wednesday. I and Elder Patience are both still here in Lancaster! Then on Friday we had a very long missionary meeting that was 2 hours away so we did not do a whole lot that day. It was pretty cool though in the meeting to feel the strong Spirit there. There was a moment that I received a very strong prompting and am grateful to know that our Father in Heaven communicates with His children. Sunday we had some very good meetings, though there was a little bit of a dispute on something, though I am not really sure what. Angry Hispanic women are not to be messed with, but I can say that repentance is for everybody! On a more serious note, Jose shared a really cool experience in Gospel Principles class. He shared how prayer really helped him be able have peace and give him strength. For some reason or other he really felt like he didn't want to come to church and I think he may have been a little upset with his spouse. he decided though to pray and ask for peace and strength. when he did, all of those bad feelings fled and he felt the strength to come. The Lord truly does answer our prayers when we ask in faith. I know the letter is short this week, but I got to forget myself and go to work!

I love you all and keep you in my prayers!

Elder Haynie

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