Monday, May 15, 2017

Week #48 May 8 2017

Hola Todos!

This week was interesting and not a ton actually happened. It rained and I think Past Subjunctive started to really click. I learned how to say the question, "What would it mean if our message was true?" I learned why no one ever understood the question and that was because I have been saying it wrong the whole time and never knew! It makes way more sense, and since then, people have been able to take that question way better. Also this week, I finally got my box back from the sisters that I made to protect my scriptures. I convinced them to decorate it for me because they made fun of how it looked before so they decorated it. The cost, though free, was a moth without my box. Worth it? It looks pretty cool. As you may have noticed, this letter is pretty practical. That is because I try to make the letters fell how it is to be on a mission. Though we have many awesome experiences, sometimes there is simple and pure joy in the simple things in life. Transfers did not really affect us this time as we are both staying! I am excited because we are on fire right now and we will see some pretty amazing things this next transfer. 

Okay some actually uplifting stuff! We had a neat experience teaching the Plan of Salvation yesterday to a man who has some very deep questions. It is sometimes hard to teach him because he comes up with questions that distract from the main point of the message and don't allow for principles that need to be taught to be taught. For this reason, he has not progressed when missionaries have worked with him in the past. It has been interesting to watch how as we carefully answer his questions, and hold others for another time in order to keep the focus, he at the end is much more satisfied. For instance, he at the end of teaching said that he had always felt that God wanted to save all of his children and not just a few. Also, we had a regional broadcast on Sunday and were able to hear some speakers fro the General Authorities. I don't have the name super well, but The first counselor in the Primary General Presidency gave some wonderful insights to having our own light of Christ in our lives, versus borrowing the light from others. One of the Seventy that spoke referred to 8 different repentance stories in the Book of Mormon. It was not so much the topic, but the Spirit that bore witness to me that Repentance is real, for everybody and helps us to be happy. The Atonement of Jesus Christ is for all of us and I am so grateful for it.

All in all, I love you and your support. Let us all keep an eye out for God's hand in our lives this week as we go forth and serve!

Elder Haynie​

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